To register as a Family Constellations Facilitator or Trainer with the Systems Constellations Association of Southern Africa, you will be required to submit a portfolio, proof of your training and proof of payment to your SCASA registered trainer or to the SCASA portfolio review team.  Once you fulfil all the requirements, you name will be added to the site. Please note the documentation and process below.

During February to April 2023 the SCASA Board delegated a small task team to review and amend all its documentation including the SCASA vision, purpose and 2015 constitution document.

This review resulted in two documents all of which now be listed here on our SCASA website.

  1. Systems Constellations Association of Southern Africa (Voluntary Association) Constitution 2015/Revised 2023
  2. The website listing agreement

These documents are very important for members and future board members on transparency, and clarity in order to understand their commitment to SCASA membership. There is a bit of necessary reading to be done, which we also believe it represents our serious commitment, good practice and professionalism. Particularly, on the development of this work we so love as a healing modality for Southern African community.


To read:

Documents for new listings for their agreement and sign off. On the website  

To complete:

Application docs for listing

Constitution – includes the purpose statement, role of and expectations of the board, structure of the society and general process. Application for listing – this is now completed via google forms, and is in testing stage. Please enquire with our admin office for the link

Website listing agreement

Outlines specific listing requirements and conditions.

Website Listing information

To complete with sign off, before uploading onto the website

Ethical code – facilitator and trainer code of conduct.



The application for listing checklist (via google forms) serves as a confirmation of training hours (not a confirmation of competence), as per our website disclaimer.

SCASA website listing agreement 2023

Facilitator Listing Information form 2023

Constitution 2023 SCASA

Facilitators in Southern Africa trained in constellations are encouraged to join this platform to receive the following benefits: 
  • Belonging to a community of colleagues
  • Receive referrals via the website
  • Enjoy professional status as a registered member
  • Use the logo in your marketing
  • Social Media groups for networking and promoting your events
  • Community gatherings and peer support
  • Belonging to an association that holds the intention of good professional standards and reputation of Systemic Work
Requirements for facilitator membership are: 
  • 20 days training with SCASA trainers or similar international trainer body
  • 25 peer group practice hours
  • 6 hours case supervision
  • Agreement to abide by the Ethical Code and participate in continued professional practice
Requirement for trainer membership are: 
  • Meets all the requirements as a facilitator
  • A firm foundation / qualification in their field of specialization
  • Registration / membership with a professional body (HPCSA, Allied, Coaching etc) or similar board / professional organization.
  • Working as a facilitator for at least 5 years and have completed at least 50 days of family constellations workshops, plus
  • Letters of nomination / recommendation from 3 local colleagues that are listed as facilitators on the SCASA website.
  • Commitment to receive ongoing supervision or inter-vision.