Monika von Wietersheim
Professional Title
Systemic Family & Organisational Constellations Facilitator
Constellations training
International Bert Hellinger Association in ZIST, Germany, Organisational training: Talent Manager & Systemic Management, Bilbao Spain

My speciality is to work with Descendants of Immigrants

Namibian born, I trained in Germany at THE INTERNATIONAL BERT HELLINGER ASSOCIATION and ZIST and am affiliated to ISCA (International Systemic Constellations Association) DGfS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemaufstellungen) SCA SA (Systemic Constellations Association of South Africa) infosyon e.V.

In 2020_2021 I was trained online and certified by Cecilio Fernández Regojo in Systemic Management & Organizational Constellations and am affiliated to Talent Manager Organizational Constellations & Systemic Management

Since 2003 I offer face2face and online counselling, conduct retreats, facilitate workshops and online gatherings, transfer my skills in advanced trainings and am a public speaker.

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Cities: Namibia, South Africa (the latter upon invitation) and online

Phone Number
+264 (0)81 242 1596