Family and Systems Constellations foundation training can be completed with one of the listed trainers. In order to quality as a facilitator. you will be required to complete a training portfolio that enables you to register with the Systems Constellations Association of South Africa.  Please contact one of the foundation training providers with any questions or queries on how to qualify as a facilitator.

Tanja Meyburgh (Trainer)
Professional Title: Counseling Psychologist, Family Constellations Facilitator and Trainer
Constellations training: ZIST 2003; ISCA 2005; FCA 2005/2006 & 2007/2008; African Constellations 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016

Tanja Meyburgh, with more than 10 years of experience training in South Africa, offers foundation training in Cape Town, Durban and in other cities and countries on invitation. Foundation Training is experiential and focuses on self-experience, developing the facilitator’s ability to work phenomenologically, as well as grounding in a solid theoretical framework.  The advanced training, which includes internationally renown master trainers can be tailored to suit the individual’s learning process and speciality interest. Areas of speciality could include: family constellations, organisational constellations, coaching, health and illness and traditional healing.  For more information: or 083 218 2668.

Phone Number: 083 2182668
Karin Huyssen (Trainer)
Professional Title: Clinical Psychologist; Family Constellations Facilitator, Trainer & Supervisor
Constellations training: South African Institute for Family Constellations (2004), FCA 2005/2006 & 2007/2008, ISCA 2011, on-going training with local and international trainers

Karin has been involved with family constellations since 2004 and offers training since 2011. Her training is experiential, but trainees get a solid theoretical foundation. She offers Foundation Training and Advanced Training modules in collaboration with other trainers and facilitators. As an on-going student of constellations and other innovative therapeutic methodologies she enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge with students. Her expertise includes working with trauma, working with inner parts, and using constellations in individual therapy. Karin offers supervision sessions for trainees an facilitators.

Phone Number: 083 3061613
Gail Wrogemann, GCW Consulting (Trainer)
Professional Title: Industrial & Organisational Psychologist, Coach Supervisor and Constellations Trainer
Constellations training: South African Institute of Family Constellations 2006, Family Constellations Africa 2007/2008, ISCA 2011, International Organisational Constellations Training Intensive 2012. Further advanced series 2012/2013. Systems Psychodynamic, systems thinking and relationship team training.

Gail Wrogemann has been working in this specialised field for over 12 years. This field has integrated well with a background in change management and organisational development and now strategic systems consulting. She runs the Foundation training through to the Advanced level including international master trainers, taking people through to the level of facilitator. The Foundation training is a deep personal learning journey – experientially integrated and theoretically based – creating a sound framework for personal work, and business development and skills. The systems training covers aspects of coaching, consulting and constellations facilitation work.

Phone Number: 079 508 0807
Sonja Simak
Professional Title: Systemic Constellations Facilitator, Master Transformation Life Coach
Constellations training: South African Institute for Family Constellations (2004), FCA 2005/2006 and on-going training with local and international trainers

Sonja Simak, as a trained Integral Traumatologist, a Certified Master Life & Transformation Coach, and registered Natural Health Practitioner specialises in unique and highly effective trauma intervention and stress managment which allow for connection back to life and greater purpose.
With this background Sonja offers individual constellations, regular workshops and also started training in 2015 to bring greater awareness and experience of this soul work; developing facilitators to add to their own field of expertise. Working within a grounding theoretical framework, the experiential process creates a solid foundation for the development of this work.

Phone Number: 0822222458
Undine Whande (Trainer)
Professional Title: Family & Systems Constellations Facilitator and Trainer; Systemic Coach & Zen Coach; Social Anthropologist (PhD) and Peacebuilder
Constellations training: INEKO Cologne 2006-2008 (organisational constellations and coaching, systemic constellations)
African Constellations 2013-14 (family constellations); 2015, 2016, 2017, African Constellations Intensive in 2018

Ongoing participation in advanced trainings

Undine Whande has worked with systemic coaching and constellations since 2006 in her coaching practice. She has been part of teams fostering peace and justice on the African continent since her work with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa in the mid-1990s.

From 2010 she increasingly focused on working with leaders on the development of their inner plane in service of new formations of generative leadership practice.  She is offering one-on-one sessions, workshops and training. Her work always has a dimension of bringing together the individual work with larger questions in the collective.

Since 2019 Undine has been offering training workshops and supervision for groups and individuals. She is also part of a training team that hosts the first Constellations Training in Zimbabwe that started in 2019. Undine offers regular workshops and training sessions in Cape Town as well as online.

Phone Number: +27 73 572 9868