The Systemic Constellations Association of Southern Africa is a membership community of Family, Systems and Organisational Constellations Facilitators that have comprehensive training in Constellations, have agreed to abide by an ethical code and to practice continued professional and personal development.   The intention of this website is to create a platform for facilitators and trainers in South Africa that have been trained by international standard and thereby maintain a recognised quality standard in the field.

Based on the work of Bert Hellinger and his students, Family and Systemic Constellations offer a unique tool for making the trans-generational relationships that shape families and organizations visible. There is a wide application of this work and also various prior qualifications of facilitators. Should you be looking for a facilitator or trainer, please browse the sections and find someone who has the expertise to work with you and your specific requirements.

SCASA is a non-profit organisation managed by volunteers. The board represents a group of facilitators  who are passionate about constellation work and promote ethical use of Constellations by setting minimum standards for practitioners in the field. The SCASA Board is now made up of: Tanja Meyburgh (International Ambassador); Gail Wrogemann (Chairperson  & Treasurer), Leon Rautenbach, Lindiwe-Mthembu Salter, Thabile Zondi-Rees, Janet Goldblatt and Sonja Simak.