Robyn Fergus
Professional Title
Family & Systemic Constellations Facilitator, Intuitive Energy Healer
Constellations training
Shamanic Family Constellations 2016-2018, Francesca Mason Boring 2017, African Constellations 2018-2019, Quantum Constellations 2019, Pia Storm Kalhof - Movement of Spirit/Mind Constellations combined with Art Therapy 2020-2021.
African Constellation Experience 2018, Australian Constellation Intensive & Sarah Peyton 2019
The foundation of Robyn’s Constellation work is built on her healing practice which she opened in 2010. Her focus is to facilitate healing by removing the sense of stuckness or lack of flow - be it physically or emotionally. Thus returning movement and inner peace into one’s life.
Robyn offers monthly Group Constellations and Shamanic Constellation Journeys (3 group sessions with a focused theme), which combine her love for Shamanism with constellations. Flowing on from that are Nature Constellations.
She offers individual sessions, combining constellation work with Crystal Surgery should a client requires additional support.  Group and individual sessions are offered online and in person.
Phone Number
083 309 6092
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