Emma Williams
Professional Title
Integrated Health Practitioner
Constellations training
2015/2016 a African Constellations Tanja Meyburgh
2013 - Shamanic Constellations Richard Higgens

Emma’s professional and diverse journey includes being a Pilates Instructor, a BodyTalk Practitioner, Muscle Activation, Tre (Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises), Systemic Family Constellation, Fascia Release Therapy, Gestalt Counselling skills and QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching).

Emma approaches each client with presence and awareness while working with integrity, authenticity and safety

Emma  was introduced to Family Constellation Therapy as part of sessions with her psychologist, and was amazed how much of her Grandparents’ and parents’ life experiences she was entangled with, and how they were influencing her life. Becoming aware of these patterns and working through a healing process allowed Emma to move forward in her life , releasing the stuckness and disassociation.

Just as we inherit physical traits from our parents, we also inherit emotional patterns that are unconscious and unspoken. Unaware of their influences upon us, we perpetuate family patterns of illness and disease, failure, unhappiness, addictions and alcoholism, depression etc. and pass them on to our children and generations thereafter.

Emma is body based in her work and draws on her diverse knowledge and experience to provide and facilitate a holistic experience for the client.

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