Undine Whande
Professional Title
Systemic Coach and Constellations Facilitator; Social Anthropologist (PhD, UCT); Certified Mediator (Centre for Conflict Resolution), Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance 2011)
Constellations training
INEKO Cologne 2006-2008 (organisational coaching and constellations work, systemic constellations work)
African Constellations 2013-14 (family constellations)
Various intl. trainers – Stephan Hausner, Francesca Mason-Borig, Marianne Franke-Gritsch, Sarah Peyton, Ria Verlinden 2015, 2016, 2017, 2021,2022
African Constellations Intensives/Immersions 2018, 2021, 2022, 2023 (guest teacher)
ISCA 2022, ISCA co-presenter 2023

Undine Whande has practised systemic coaching and systems constellations work in her private practice since 2006. She has been part of teams fostering peace, truth, and justice on the African continent since her work with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and the Healing of Memories (HOM) in South Africa.

Undine works with individuals, groups, and organisations. She has found that - as an individual - working on ‘my inner plane’ in relation to how I perceive ‘my outer context’ can enable a truly generative way of living. She walks alongside leaders, teams, and organisations in their quest for transformation. Undine’s work always has a dimension of bringing together the individual work with larger questions in the collective.

Undine offers one-on-one sessions and group workshops; she also trains family constellations facilitators certified under SCASA. She loves to dance and is also a Kundalini yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance 2011). She brings her various teaching lineages together in her work.

Phone Number
073 572 9868

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