Rowena Mould
Professional Title:
Systemic Constellations facilitator. Continued ecl Namibia Hub support
Constellations training:
Family Constellations Africa 2005/2006, South African Institute of Family Constellations 2006, ecl 2010.

Rowena founded and led the ecl-Namibia hub, which she still supports in a training capacity. The ecl Foundation (Enhancing Children’s Lives) is a global foundation established to help adults create environments that support the emotional well-being, creativity and learning of children and young people. The approach is a systemic, ‘whole-child’, model of practice that understands each individual in relation to their contexts and conditions (historical, personal, cultural, biological and so on). In this way, the causes and influences of a child’s actions and behaviours can be considered and supported as opposed to responding only to symptoms (of behaviour for example).

Rowena has retired to Hoedspruit in South Africa and although not formally working she continues to be active in the field and offers individual sessions.

Phone Number:
+264 81 128 1527
Monika von Wietersheim
Professional Title:
Systemic Family & Constellations Facilitator
Constellations training:
International Bert Hellinger Association in Zist, Germany

Every human being deserves to live a fulfilled life, optimally utilizing an applying their talents and skills.

With this in mind, I inspire my clients to discover their inner resources, encourage them to unlock their talents, equip them with new skills, all of which will enable them to experience a life full of abundance – spiritually, emotionally and professionally.

To achieve this, I am offering one-on-one counselling, I facilitate seminars, transfer my skills according to the individual needs and conduct advanced training in Namibia, South Africa and on virtual platforms.

The core value is respectful and unconditional facilitation in the service of the flow of life.

My professional path:

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree (UNISA) majoring in History and Psychology and offer systemic constellations since 2003. My extensive accumulated knowledge and experiences as merchant in literature, financial accountant, as well as Distinguished Toastmaster and Leadership Trainer, enhance my areas of activity in the fields of:

  • Systemic Family and Organisational Constellations
  • Leadership Training
  • Life Coaching

I am an accredited systemic family and organisational constellational facilitator  and had the privilege to have been trained by Bert Hellinger, Dr Albrecht Mahr, Dr Gunthard Weber, Hunter Beaumont, Dr Guni Leila Baxa, Jakob Schneider amongst others at the International Bert Hellinger Association in Zist, Germany.

I developed my passion for education during my time working as Waldorfkindergarten teacher. Thereafter I continuously strove to be involved in the development of the education of my own children as well as the children in my community and further afield. While serving as Chairperson of the School Board of the Namib Primary School in Swakopmund, Namibia, I was a founding member of the Sonnenkinder project e.V., whose mission it was to find foster parents from Germany for disadvantaged children from marginalised economic communities.

Cities: Namibia and South Africa (the latter upon invitation)

Phone Number:
+264 (0)81 242 1596
City :