Rowena Mould
Systemic Constellations facilitator ecl Namibia Hub leader
Constellations training:Family Constellations Africa 2005/2006, South African Institute of Family Constellations 2006, ECL 2010.

Rowena leads the ecl-Namibia hub. The ecl Foundation (Enhancing Children’s Lives) is a global foundation established to help adults create environments that support the emotional well-being, creativity and learning of children and young people. The approach is a systemic, ‘whole-child’, model of practice that understands each individual in relation to their contexts and conditions (historical, personal, cultural, biological and so on). In this way the causes and influences of a child’s actions and behaviours can be considered and supported as opposed to responding only to symptoms (of behaviour for example).

Rowena will be moving to Hoedspruit, South Africa as from March 2017. She intends facilitating Systemic Constellation work in the area and joining the ecl South Africa hub.

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Wolfram Hartmann
Systems Constellations Facilitator
African Constellations 2010/2011, facilitated by Tanja Meyburgh; continuous professional development with Ursula and Tom Bryson, Stephan Hausner and others, both in the region and in Europe.

I offer systemic and family constellations work in German, Afrikaans and English; both in a group setting and individually. My work is embedded in ongoing supervision (intervision) and continuous professional development abroad. It is complemented by my academic background and teaching / writing in theology and history, the latter with an emphasis on African History. (MDiv, Hamburg; MA Area Studies, London; PhD African History, PhD, Columbia). I am owning and managing a bookstore (OrumbondeBooks), which also serves as a space in which constellation work in Windhoek happens, the books providing a lively sense of ancestral presence.  Sometimes my two Rhodesian ridgebacks boisterously assist in constellation processes. Their – and my – idea of a safe space underlies my approach:

Monika von Wietersheim
Systemic Constellations Facilitator
International Bert Hellinger Association in Zist, Germany

One-to-one consultations and seminars for Business, Family and Systemic Constellations

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