Nevorndutt Somaru
Professional Title: Homoeopathic Practitioner
Constellations training: African Constellations 2013

Nevorn offers individual private sessions, as well as group facilitations, and has a special interest in illness and its potential ancestral connections. He enjoys focusing on the inner transformational aspects of systemic work and often combines it with homoeopathy; archetypal pattern exploration; and ritual work for healing and self-development.

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Cathy Geils
Professional Title: Clinical Psychologist
Constellations training: African Constellations 2014

Catherine (Cathy) is a clinical psychologist in private practice. She integrates inner parts and family constellations with eye movement integration (EMI), a treatment specifically targeting trauma, in her individual psychotherapy practice. She also gives group workshops and is currently running a monthly ‘heart-based living’ group which applies constellations work to manifesting a resonant life. Cathy is writing up her doctoral thesis which explores the transformational processes of constellations work over an extended time period. Cathy has published journal articles on constellations and other topics, and presented at both national and international conferences on the topic. Cathy has a special interest in Nature Constellations.

Phone Number: 0846222620
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Jessica Gird
Professional Title: Neuro Linguistic Programming, Business and Family Constellations Practitioner
Constellations training: African Constellations

Jessica Gird (Known as Jessica Dreamtime) integrates NLP and open awareness into family and organisational constellations. Working with
individuals and small groups indoors and outdoors, in nature. Special interests include relationships with self (inner parts), others and
nature and overcoming anxiety.

Howick (20min from PMB)

Phone Number: 082 802 0005
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