Cape Town

Tanja Meyburgh
Professional Title: Counseling Psychologist, Family Constellations Facilitator and Trainer
Constellations training: ZIST 2003; ISCA 2005; FCA 2005/2006 & 2007/2008; African Constellations 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016

Tanja offers one-on-one constellations in private practice, group workshops, training and supervision for facilitators.  She is a highly qualified and experienced therapist, and has been facilitating constellations since 2003. As a pioneer of constellations in South Africa, she has a special interest in the African roots of Family Constellations.

Phone Number: 083 2182668
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Lindiwe Mthembu-Salter
Professional Title: Counsellor and Family constellations facilitator
Constellations training: FCA2005/2006 & 2007/2008, Dip in Humanistic and Integrative Counselling, 1997(BCPC)

Trained in integrative humanistic counselling and family constellations.  She offers group and individual sessions using an eclectic techniques of trauma healing. She has more than 22 years of experience in community development work, and a facilitator of Pscho-Social programmes on self-care or Wellness programmes that deals with emotional burn-out. She has a BA (Honours) in Anthropology.

Phone Number: +278253 29728
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Jackeline Plank
Professional Title: Clinical psychologist, Family Constellations facilitator
Constellations training: Family Constellations Africa 2005/2006 & 2007/2008

Trained in ecosystemic psychotherapy, with individuals, couples, families and groups, short-term solution focussed work or longer-term resolution-focussed therapies. Contexts of work include private sector, psychiatric and corporate Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP). Particular interest in energetic and vibrational healing and transpersonal and transgenerational work.

Phone Number: 021 761 7731
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Andrea Brand
Professional Title: Anthroposophical Art Therapist
Constellations training: FCA 2005/2006 & 2007/2008, ISCA 2010

Andrea is an Art therapist, with experience in community development and organizational development. She’s been running her private practice since 1998.  Andrea’s creative approach brings a unique individual dimension to Constellations. Andrea has founded Constellation House in 2010, a seminar centre for multi-disciplined ways of self and social development.

Phone Number: 021 4332597
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Lindiswa Mavavana
Professional Title: HIV / Aids Counsellor
Constellations training: Family Constellations Africa 2005/2006

I work as a club assistant in Khayelitsha in a Seniors (old age) Club.  I do Family Constellation to help the members of the club and also people in the community.

Phone Number: 082 4215780
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Thabile Zondi-Rees
Professional Title: Counseling Psychologist, Family Constellations Facilitator
Constellations training: Family Constellations Africa 2007/2008

Thabile specialises in relational issues (relationship with self and others) focusing on adults and couples. She also works with children and adolescence with emotional issues, age 8-16 years.  Her skills include developmental work through coaching, family constellations and group analysis offering individual constellations, workshops and group therapy.

Phone Number: 0829239782
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Lawrence Ngorora
Professional Title: Facilitator, Practitioner Coach
Constellations training: Family Constellations Africa 2007/2008

Lawrence Ngorora, a Meteorologist by profession, embarked on seeking personal mastery in 2002.  He is a highly skilled facilitator focusing on inner transformation, assisting individuals in one on one coaching and facilitating mixed gender groups.  He facilitates workshops on identity, attitude change and diversity of race, gender and culture.

Phone Number: 072 421 9329
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Leon Rautenbach
Professional Title: Executive Coach, Family Constellations Facilitator
Constellations training: Family Constellation Africa 2008/2009, Family Healing Circle 2008, ISCA 2009

Leon Rautenbach is a founding partner at Ekhaya Coaching and works as an Executive Business Coach and organizational consultant focused on executive and team coaching in various organizations.  He offers one on one constellations, group constellations and organizational constellations. Leon has a B A (Honnors) Anthropology from UP, B.Theology and a Licentiate in Theology both from University of Stellenbosch and a MAP (mini MBA) – Wits Business School.

Phone Number: 0832765908
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Justin Maxwell
Professional Title: BEing
Constellations training: Family Constellations Africa 2007/2008

I choose to do one-on-one and small group interactions with people who are ready to do the soul work presenting to them. I embrace numerous approaches and frameworks that offer insight to mapping ourselves into our developmental process, and which offer tools for our evolution into our personal and social zone of proximal development.

Phone Number: 083 3325946
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Meryl Smuts
Professional Title: Educational Psychologist, Family Constellations facilitator
Constellations training: African Constellations 2011/2013

Facilitating family constellations with groups and individuals, specializing in career development, trauma counselling and relationship issues, focussing on life-long development.   Holistic in approach, making use of various other techniques such as sand tray work, play therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Phone Number: 0832876941
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Kenna Cormie
Professional Title: Counsellor, Family Constellations Facilitator
Constellations training: African Constellations 2010/2011 and 2012/2013

Kenna’s interest and experience lie in working with young people, women’s health and well-being, mindfulness and stress management, grief and loss, family and relationship counselling and gender reconciliation.

Phone Number: 072 499 8775
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Burgert van Jaarsveldt
Professional Title: Psychotherapist and Corporate Consultant
Constellations training: African Constellations 2011 – 2013

Burgert offers systemic constellations as part of individual therapy and group processes, as well as for corporate growth and development.  With a Masters degree in Industrial/Organisational Psychology, an additional B.Soc.Sc degree and with 20 years corporate leadership experience, combined with his training and experience as a Psychotherapist, he guides his clients with richness and passion to become the best versions of themselves as individuals, teams or organisations.

Hamilton, Bermuda

Phone Number: +1 (441) 703-8618
Anja Gerbers
Professional Title: Institutional Counsellor and Family Constellations Facillitator
Constellations training: • CISA Constellations Institute of South Africa
African Constellations 2013 & 2015

Anja ,together with her partner Harold Epstein is the Co-founder of Healing Waters, Centre for natural healing, personal growth and holistic education in Cape Town. She specializes in one-on-one counselling sessions integrating family systemic constellations to open and deepen the personal growth and healing process of her clients.

Phone Number: 0737615555
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Undine Whande
Professional Title: Systemic Coach and Constellations Facilitator; Social Anthropologist (PhD); Mediator
Constellations training: INEKO Cologne 2006-2008 (organisational constellations and coaching, systemic constellations)
African Constellations 2013-14 (family constellations); 2015, 2016, 2017 – ongoing participation in advanced trainings (nature constellations, community constellations, constellations in schools, etc.)

Undine offers individual and group constellations engaging questions arising in families, organisations and larger systems. She has a passion for nature/ecological constellations and working with communities. Having worked with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Healing of Memories, she retains an interest in the release of trans-generational trauma and in dealing with the past in post-conflict societies. In organisational life Undine supports processes that enable thriving at work in face of a historically wounded context.

Phone Number: 073 572 9868
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Niall Campbell
Professional Title: Traditional Healer
Constellations training: African Constellations 2012

I offer individual sessions and group workshops in the classical family constellations style. I am results orientated and interested in opening paths towards prosperity and fulfilment in my client’s lives.  I am particularly interested in rites of passage, coming into adulthood and manhood.

Phone Number: 084 7935008
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Emma Jane Williams
Professional Title: Integrated Health Practioner
Constellations training: 2015/2016 a African Constellations Tanja Meyburgh
2013 – Shamanic Constellations Richard Higgens

Over the years, I have trained as a Pilates Instructor, Body Talk Energy medicine Practitioner with a deep understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an Advanced Tre Provider (Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises); Fascia Release Therapy, Family Constellation Therapy; Somatic Experiencing Skills, Gestalt Skills Counselling.  I am body based in my work and draw on all my modalities to provide and facilitate a holistic experience for the client.

Phone Number: 0828266551
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Rod Burn
Professional Title: Mindshift Hypnosis Practioner (SAIH Registered)
Constellations training: African Constellations


Phone Number: 0826046389
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Debbie Zacharias
Professional Title: Integrated Wellbeing Practitioner – hands-on and remote sessions, globally; Family Constellations Facilitator
Constellations training: African Constellations -Tanja Meyburgh – 2015/16 and Richard Higgins – 2013/14

My integrative, multidisciplinary approach with individuals, groups, animals and nature embraces the client’s presenting bodymindsoul’s physical, psychosocial, emotional reality. This acts as a “permission portal” to work with “what’s ready to shift” thereby catalyzing their life-force into liberating and iteratively expressing their “inherited gifts” within all activities of their life.

Phone Number: 082 574 1371
Website: Linkedin
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Anya Mendel
Professional Title: Clinical Psychologist, Focusing-Orientated Therapist
Constellations training: African Constellations 2015-2016

I offer constellations in private practice, where I work with children, adolescents and adults. As a Fine Artist, Focusing-Orientated Therapist and nature connection facilitator, I offer avenues to reconnect with aliveness, and the forward movements that flow from this – through creativity, bodily sensing and attunement to nature around and within.

Phone Number: 082 355 9242
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Heather Joy Lockyear
Professional Title: Homeopath, Family Constellations Facilitator
Constellations training: African Constellations 2015/2016/2017

Homeopathy. Healing and understanding illness from a systemic perspective.

Phone Number: 084 738 8881
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Sue Davidoff
Professional Title: Reflective Social Practitioner facilitator and consultant
Constellations training: Constellations Institute of South Africa (CISA) 2011/2012 and African Constellations 2012-2016

I am interested in the ways in which our relationship with Nature can be enhanced through constellations work, the relationship between constellations and wilderness, and the practical deepening of the phenomenology of constellations work.

Phone Number: 0217943677
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Nadia Khan Kimmie
Professional Title: Systemic Constellations Facilitator
Constellations training: African Constellations 2013/2015
Stephan Hausner (LA) 2016
Francesca Mason Boring (Washington DC) 2016 and 2017

Nadia offer individual and group constellation workshops to deepen the healing process of her clients and assisting them to see with their hearts connecting them to the web of life. I often incorporate clay and sound into my workshops. I am curious about the brokenness of our connections.

Phone Number: 0767813466
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Titilayo Seriki
Professional Title: Organisational Consultant & Personal Development Coach (Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. / Dr.rer.pol.)
Constellations training: African Constellations (2015 – 2016)

My work concentrates on identifying what is needed to increase the effectiveness and contentedness of people at work… and in all areas of life. Transactional Analysis and Systemic Constellations are important modalities contributing to my own development and my work with clients. I work one-on-one and in groups, in various spaces – from offices to horse paddocks.

Phone Number: +27 78 547 1105
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Karin Slater
Professional Title: Filmmaker & Structural Constellations Facilitator
Constellations training: African Constellations 2011-2013
Dr. Ursula Franke – Munich IROM 2014
Omega Brazil Constellations using Horses 2017

Facilitating constellations to enhance the filmmaking and scriptwriting process. Karin is also adept at nature constellations, community constellations and traditional family constellations.

Phone Number: 0829349464
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Khumo Lefuma Mokhethi
Professional Title: Coach, Consultant & Facilitator
Constellations training: African Constellations (2016/2017/2018)

Khumo Mokhethi supports organisations and communities to engage all possible talent in order to maximise business performance and systemic harmony.  Her areas of interest are Talent Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership development; Ubuntu and personal development, with experience in the public and private sectors. 

Phone Number: +27 (0)79 262 8388
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Jennifer Dorothy Maree
Professional Title: Family Constellations Facilitator, Organisational Consultant
Constellations training: Maria Dolenc, Matthias Varga von Kibed, Insa Sparrer, Sydney, Australia

Jenny offers one-on-one constellations and facilitation of group workshops. She is a highly qualified and experienced corporate facilitator (over thirty years) with a special interest in organisational constellations. Jenny has written seven books including on African transformation and Ubuntu. Jenny has lived in three countries and facilitated in many more.

Phone Number: 0762239204
Rika Geyser
Professional Title: Restorative Movement Specialist and International Functional Fitness Rowing Coach
Constellations training: African Constellations 2017-2018

Rika is interested in rehabilitative body work and works with the body to move it from long held, sometimes transgenerational patterns of stuckness, chronic pain and injury back into freedom and flow. She acts as a body interpreter and facilitates a conversation that leads the body and its parts back into its sense of wholeness.

Phone Number: 082 442 9282
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Nicola van Schaik
Professional Title: Embodied Movement Therapist and Constellations Facilitator
Constellations training: African Constellations 2016-2018

Nicola offers individual constellations and group workshops. She is passionate about Inner Parts and our embodied experience of Belonging in today’s world.  Nicola draws on 20 years of experience facilitating body-based awareness practices and conducting Ethnographic research, across Africa , to inform her approach to working with all aspects of her clients’ experience.

Phone Number: +27 (0)72 514 0421
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Suzie Basset
Professional Title: Kinesiologist. Family Constellations Facilitator
Constellations training: African Constellations. 2015/2016

After qualifying as a physiotherapist in 1992, Suzie has explored more holistic methods of healing the body and heart/mind including kinesiology, (2002) meditation, shamanism and Family Constellation Therapy. Suzie combines Kinesiology and Family Constellations, working in the mind’s eye. She offers individual constellations as well as group workshops.

Phone Number: 082 4232 172
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Jutta Holzapfel
Professional Title: Professional Specialised Kinesiologist, Family and Systemic Constellations Facilitator
Constellations training: African Constellations 2017/2018 – Tanja Meyburgh, Shamanic Family Constellations 2016 – Gui Barcellos and Claudia Vassão

Jutta offers individual and group constellations in private practice. I am interested in inner dynamics, outer energetics and how they correlate. Awareness of transgenerational wounding led me to explore various fields: Creative Expression, Sweat Lodge Ceremony; Specialised Kinesiology; experiencing the healing capacity of Nature. In our work, I aim to balance body, mind, heart and essence towards the integration and unfolding of all your elements. Knowing that we can live in good relation with ourselves, each other, the earth and the sacred – permeates my being and work.

Phone Number: +27 79 398 3251
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Maya Joy Metcalfe
Professional Title: Yoga Teacher & Embodied Constellations Facilitator
Constellations training: African Constellations 2015-2018

A musician, a yoga teacher and a shamanic counselor, Maya Joy specialises in Embodied Constellations; the name of her Private Practice in the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town, working mostly with individuals and couples, specialising in relationships.
Maya taught yoga for over a decade, and has also created her own combination of free-movement yoga dance known as Shakti Flow. Maya’s approach to constellating is fluid, body based and channelled in a creative, feminine way. Leaving it mostly up to Great Mystery and the phenomenological arising of the Ancestral Field to allow for a deeply personal and/or inter-generational healing process.

Phone Number: +27722890125
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Hildegarde Keene
Professional Title: Traditional Healer
Constellations training: African Constellations

I have been practicing as a Traditional Healer for over 13 years in Cape Town. I offer individual sessions using bones for divination and to guide the sessions while facilitating whatever process, ritual or treatments are necessary for the client. My approach as the facilitator is to help you gain insight into the Systems to which you belong, bringing harmony, insight and healing where it is needed. I also run training workshops on traditional healing methods.

Phone Number: 0834979057
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Monika Edwards
Professional Title: Clinical Pastoral Therapist
Constellations training: 2015/2016 African Constellations with Tanja Meyburgh

Monika is a Clinical Pastoral Therapist with experience in Narrative, Couple and Family Therapy, and has worked in both community
development and private practice. Her special interest is integrating spirituality and relationship with God as a healing resource in therapy.
She offers one-on-one constellations in private practice and group workshops.

Phone Number: 082 334 9110
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Robyn Fergus
Professional Title: Constellations Facilitator, Energy Healer
Constellations training: Shamanic Family Constellations 2016-2018
African Constellations 2018-2019
Quantum Constellations 2019
African Constellation Experience 2018, Australian
Constellation Intensive 2019

Robyn holds monthly Group Constellation Workshops. Her love of Shamanic work is woven into the 3-session Shamanic Constellation Journey. In Individual Constellations energy healing is included to support the healing process. Robyn intuitively combines modalities – mainly Crystal Surgery, Transformational Kinesiology, Past Lives, Soul Retrieval. She opened Inner Peace Healing in 2010 after 22 years in the corporate world.

Phone Number: 083 309 6092
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Antonia (Mbali) Marais
Professional Title: Traditional Healer/Transformative Guide
Constellations training: African Constellations 2018-2020

Mbali has been a practioner of the healing arts for over 25 years. She offers Individual sessions for divination,  group workshops, and vision quests that invite deep nature connection and transformation. Her passion is process, ceremony, connection to land, nature and the exploration of our ancestral lineages in relation to belonging.

Phone Number: 27(0)734393551
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Tiffany Stone
Professional Title: Divorce Mediator, Conflict and Relationship Coach, Family and Systemic Constellations Facilitator
Constellations training: Shamanic Family Constellations 2016 – 2018 (Gui Barcellos and Claudia Vassão)

Tiffany Stone is an Internationally Accredited Family Law Mediator, Systemic Family Constellations Facilitator and Divorce & Relationship Coach.

She works specifically at the threshold of endings and new beginnings, supporting people to find the resources within themselves through inner parts dialogue to navigate the terrain of changes.

Working in the realm of divorce and relationship conflict, she uses family constellations as a modality to bring awareness to the relationship trauma already present in the system and to bring awareness and healing to those moving forward and wanting to bring relief to the system.

Tiffany has a passion for horses and the spiritual, psychological links that they portray and works together with her mare with equine assisted coaching.

October 2014: Constellating our Inner and Outer Nature (Towerland) with Tanya Meyburgh and Niall Campbell
September 2015: Advanced Training in Men, Women & Constellations for Love Relationships with Tanya Meyburgh
August 2018: Love Relationship Constellations with Tanya Meyburgh
October 2018: Inner Parts Constellations with Karin Huyssen
August 2019: Trauma and Constellations with Karin Ritchie and Rasada Goldblatt

Phone Number: 076 403 0078